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OnCorner is a British based company, Own and manage RestPan factory in Bognor Regis, A factor specialized in fiber molding products made from 100% British cardboard recycle waste,   Our production process is eco friendly with limiting the energy consuming and use waste as our raw material and use sun and day light to light our factory, with focusing on serving the health sector with innovative new design of product such as RestPan bedpans the world best bedpans that specially designed and made for obese and over weight patients. 


The founder

Khaled Alshaheen 

With unwavering passion and a heart dedicated to making a difference, Khaled Alshaheen embarked on a journey after graduating from Gannon University in 2003. Over the course of two decades, he channeled his engineering expertise and industrial experience to create innovative products for the health sector. One such remarkable creation is the RestPan, a bedpan designed with utmost care and compassion, catering to the needs of patients and elderly individuals facing movement limitations, as well as weight and obesity challenges. Manufactured with love and precision in our Bognor Regis factory, RestPan emerges as a global game changer in the realm of bedpans, promising to touch the lives of millions in search of comfort and relief. Additionally, Khaled gracefully wears multiple hats, leading a branch sector of OnCorner, a visionary product design and industrial consulting company. His creativity knows no bounds, evident in his captivating novel, "No Ally but the Mountain," and his adventurous spirit as an amateur boxer in Southampton. Khaled's journey is driven by compassion, innovation, and a relentless desire to uplift those in need, leaving a heartfelt impact on the world.

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